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Benefits of food truck

Bring Fabulous Vibe and Fare to Diners

Food trucks are everywhere that it is hardly not seeing any of them jostled for attention in public area and big Australian cities, like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, have a very active and rich food truck culture which provides diners with a variety of culinary options ranging from Chinese, Middle Eastern, Mexican, American and Greek that it allows patrons to satisfy their taste buds and expands their culinary ventures. Here are few advantages of starting food truck business:

  • Low Cost
    The operating cost of food truck is lower than opening a restaurant since less space, equipment and staff you need. For first-time entrepreneurs, you can test the waters and learn more about the landscape of catering while for established catering businesses, food trucks can bring you extra revenue stream and expand your market without significant changes on the current business models.
  • Try New Things
    A study conducted by Food Forward in 2014 indicates that Australians are increasingly looking for gourmet dining experiences in relatively relaxing environment without forking out big chunk of money, so food truck is definitely one of the best culinary options to them. Since the operating cost of food truck is relatively cheaper, so it is easier for food truck business owner to try uncomplicated yet enjoyable new recipe and modify their products.
  • Fabulous Vibe
    Roving food van brings dynamic and relaxing environment to our cities and many customers love it. Plus, they can enjoy a great mix of culinary options on-the-go. Therefore, owning the food truck business is able to participate on events like concerts or festivals and to create another revenue stream that is not available to restaurants.

Although starting the mobile food business is very exciting, it is not easy to run it successfully in line with regulations, especially running a pizza food van with limited refrigeration, climate control and space. With the help of our parent company, Petra Equipment, we can help you and provide you one-stop services ranging from designing to supplying fitouts for food van. For those who are planning to open mobile pizza shop, please check pizza truck fitout page to give you some idea and you can also visit Petra Group’s website for other catering fitouts including pizza fitouts ideas.

Source: Business News Journal – J.Fellon