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Petra Equipment has signed few contracts to become the major dealer for few brands in Australia including GAM Equipment, Moffat Bakery range, Bear, Maestro, Bakertop, Paramount and Craftsman. They sell provers, deck oven, bread maker, bread slicer, depositors, dough sheeters, pastry equipment, rack ovens and dough mixers.


Most of our customers recently asked for our recommendations across the brands. In general, we recommend GAM equipment from Italy because their equipment last longer. Regarding rack oven and prover, we recommend the South African manufacturer MACADAMS because 3 previous clients are very happy with their equipment.

Bakery complete fit out

We do all shop fitout from A to Z including design, installation, furniture and signage. We provide fit out and sell bakery equipment in Brisbane, Sydney and all major cities in Australia (both shop fit out and food truck fit out).