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Smart-balance Wheel News r away. After all, Xiaoyi Yang saw her. He had left to go into school, smart-balance wheel news I saw her standing in the lake and looked around, she is preparing to walk, but she saw, she Why panic to leave. He wanted to, or not passed, she should not want to see me, look at the legs inconvenient Su Chenxi, he frowned, how was she Feet hurt He did not attend, striding toward her. Su Chenxi has seen less than ten meters away from their own Xiaoyi Yang, wound pain has let her forehead covered with sweat thin, she had to give up fleeing, stopped. Xiaoyi Yang asked how your feet up Su Chenxi not want to let him know that he does not want sympathy, try to be brave, she said. Nothing, until injured, has been good. Xiaoyi Yang stern look at her Well, this is also used to walk in this direction is to go to the university hospital, go, I helped you in the past. Then they hand holding Su Chenxi other side of the shoulder, leaning on her left arm. She was afraid when he saw the suffering of the dressing, pushed his hand. I m n.ady to go out, just hit square in your dorm mates, I smart-balance wheel news ask you to excellent Michelle replaced the drugs yet, I knew you were bad guy actually Ganpian me Then he took Su smart-balance wheel news Chenxi packages across in his own arm. Su Chenxi from Xiaoyi Yang tone and action, smart-balance wheel news the full feel spoiled her fantasy scene for a long time, happened today, she did not want to manage what like it or not, I would not want to control how a few days, and now she just occupying Xiaoyi Yang for her care and love her smart-balance wheel news like a blade of grass, greedily sucking he brought sunshine. On the way back, still leaning Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi walked slowly, looking at his face gentle Xiaoyi Yang, Su Chenxi feel as if you want to melt in this atmosphere again, and lightblue self balancing scooter she blurted out We Alabama self balancing scooter go so slow, you help me, is there a feeling of an old married couple Just finish the sentence, Su Chenxi regret it, these words not only make them do another embarrassment, she obviously liked him and knew he did not like her, and he knew all of her mind, and now she has to.

ng would like me ah Excellent Xuan I did not understand for a long time, you do not want to go to Xiaoyi Yang grapes as an excuse not to buy grapes do you do to him not on the line. Su Chenxi more angry, he said, Ah, ah, I really Zhu, I have been tangled how suitable convince myself to see him have forgotten my hand which does not have the grapes do, ha ha, excellent Michelle, thank you for reminding I, Mody Mody da Having darted upstairs. Excellent Xuan shook his head and said to himself It was carried away by the love of people, ah, previously carefree Su Chenxi since met him, and not the same, is that the person affects lightgreen self balancing scooter mood , Xiaoyi Yang had become a barometer of her mood, love this kind of thing, I did not understand how much love charm until Xiaoyi Yang saw Su Chenxi to these changes, the original of this smart-balance wheel news power is really great, so happy Su Chenxi, I wish her happiness, there is always a hope Xiaoyi Yang will see behind him so fond of her Su Chenxi, and cherish her. Since love with you,, Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi hotpink self balancing scooter heard the cry, he pushed open rushed in and asked she Mody Road up When smart-balance wheel news Su Chenxi trying to hide her bleeding wounds, but it was too late, Xiaoyi Yang saw the wound, his brow furrowed. She had felt like an illusion, because in Xiaoyi Yang eyes to see a glimmer of affection, he asked How will bleed, it is not much better. Xiaoyi Yang Su smart-balance wheel news Chenxi a stare, as if by criticizing her eyes What did you run After changing finished drugs, the doctor added the sentence Your boyfriend is nice, so care about smart-balance wheel news you Su Chenxi blushed to the ears, and she just did not really regret explain clearly their relationship with the doctors. Xiaoyi Yang helped her out of the hospital wing, a door, hold up her sideways. She was surprised, the body vacated, and other after she could react, he had his arms in Xiaoyi Yang of the smart-balance wheel news few pedestrians passing look to them, she excitedly said No, no, I was allowed to go, you quickly put me down. Xiaoyi Yang did not seem to hear her, to continue walking alon.o not learn to do housework, her husband s family after marriage will be disgusted. Su Chenxi I am a genius, without learning, today updated TV series I have not seen, you first busy ah. Having quickly returned to his room, at the door overheard my parents would say. Mom and Dad had to blame the head are you, her pet in such a way, it is spoiled. Mom Speaking of spoiled, I m less of it than you. Dad But our house children sensible, never let us down before. Mom That is because most of the hereditary me. Dad I like a little more clearly Su Chenxi parents hear dialogue was assured shut the door, took out his mobile to Xiaoyi Yang micro letter. Today the weather is nice, early ah, Mr. Shaw. When she realized immediately have twelve, and hurried to withdraw the news when it was too late, I did not respond, she supposed Xiaoyi Yang must have been busy, I did not expect twelve one time, Xiaoyi Yang replied We are working people have to eat lavenderblush self balancing scooter lunch early, ah, Miss Su. Su Chenxi clutching his forehe.

Smart-balance Wheel News enxi I did not give her your number. Xiaoyi Yang see you jealous, venetian electric self balancing scooter I am smart-balance wheel news very happy the way you are really cute. Su Chenxi said brass self balancing scooter in his smart-balance wheel news heart silly, you do not know what happened, but do the best you never know, you are my own, I will not have any sense of crisis. However, these words are only on Su Chenxi heart, she had said. Who told you so stupid, so set up a simple phone password Xiaoyi Yang Well, all my fault, forgive me Su Chenxi Young also later if there are other girls like you, how would you do Xiaoyi Yang Take her out of my world lire black, say, how can there be so many people like me think that you are stupid like you, like me Su Chenxi I m obviously because high IQ, good vision, just like you. Xiaoyi Yang ah, I like the way you praise. Su Chenxi Who praise you, I obviously boast myself okay Xiaoyi Yang Oh, yeah, but I m curious if I was robbed me, how would you do Su 2 wheel self balancing scooter problems Chenxi If anyone audacious, dare to rob you, I will take you Texas self balancing scooter wherever they rush back 2 wheel self balancing scooter walmart again. Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi rubbe.Xiaoyi Yang Dawn, how smart-balance wheel news Su Chenxi Otherwise, next time I go to your dorm over there looking for you now. Xiaoyi Yang how, shy ah Su Chenxi I do not like to be onlookers, more embarrassed ah Xiaoyi Yang I do not know will encounter these sister, probably because tomorrow afternoon, we all came home early to rest it, but how can girls and other boys to the truth ah. Su Chenxi I have openly appeared in your side, you will be assassinated ah Xiaoyi Yang OK, you can almost be an enemy. Su Chenxi how do you know. Xiaoyi Yang guess. Su Chenxi certainly excellent Xuan Xu Yang told, you hear him say it, I must go back and find excellent Xuan accounts. Xiaoyi Yang I ve heard that before, usually to an enemy you stop their war, but also excellent Xuan Xu Yang complained to you every time for me to abandon them. Su Chenxi I am soft watery image, it seems not insured. Xiaoyi Yang just in front of me gently on it, in front of the rest, is not important. Su Chenxi shy bowed his head, after a few seconds to.

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