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Self Balancing Board News en scratched his head under dim lights continue self balancing board news to enjoy the quiet campus. The next day, self balancing board news Su Chenxi and Xiaoyi Yang together in the playground walking, she remembered not told Xiaoyi Yang himself ready to graduate to continue Master, just tell him today Xiao lamb, I ll give you the nickname really nice. Xiaoyi Yang Do not barking Su Chenxi But the thing called Meng lamb comparison. Xiaoyi Yang Boys can not Meng ah, ah lovely to describe, and not barking, he told me that hum Su Chenxi I told Xiao big sheep powderblue self balancing scooter Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi pinched nose Do not listen Su Chenxi Yes, almost forgot to get down to business, how are you going to arrange after graduation Xiaoyi Yang I want to start your own business, do not self balancing board news want to follow my parents arranged to go abroad to study, and then into their company, I have my own ideas, early full economic independence is my goal, and now I have been in and Xu Yang Xiao Yu the company is the operating company for the future accumulation of experience. limegreen self balancing scooter Su Chenxi I d.o not learn to do housework, her husband s family after marriage will be disgusted. Su Chenxi I am a genius, without learning, dimgray self balancing scooter today updated TV series I have not seen, you first busy ah. Having quickly returned to his room, at the door overheard my skque self balancing scooter reviews parents would say. Mom and Dad had to blame the head are you, her pet in such a way, it is spoiled. Mom Speaking of self balancing board news spoiled, I m less of it than you. Dad But our house children sensible, never let us down before. Mom That is because most of the hereditary me. Dad I like a little more clearly Su Chenxi parents hear dialogue was assured shut the door, took out his mobile to Xiaoyi Yang micro letter. Today the weather is nice, early ah, Mr. Shaw. When she realized immediately have twelve, and hurried to withdraw the news when it was too late, I did not respond, she supposed Xiaoyi Yang must have been busy, I did not self balancing board news expect twelve one time, Xiaoyi self balancing board news Yang replied We are working people have to eat lunch early, ah, Miss Su. Su Chenxi clutching his forehe.

naged to walk the road, stopped a taxi, the Xiaoyi Yang into the car. From noon back to quarters, Su Chenxi been hiding in bed, let her tears gainsboro self balancing scooter pillow wet one, until there is no strength to cry, she drifted off to sleep, he saw numerous faces to her shouting Su Chenxi, you are a thief, you steal someone else s work Her efforts to want to shout No, not like that, I do not But unable to pronounce any sound, she screamed, opened his eyes suddenly woke up, there are not Xiaoyi Yang, turned out to be in the quarters, hold her own, non stop, said I did not, I did not plagiarism, that s my Why does not anyone believe me She continued to cry, Xiaoyi Yang misunderstood her, so deep clarity of the eyes become bright red because of her, she cried and said self balancing board news I obviously want to explain why you end up hurt, self balancing board news I hurt you love, I can not. Su Chenxi put on clothes and shoes out of the gate, taxi drivers reported a Xiaoyi Yang home address, back home, dark, and he has not come back. Wait until late.greed that her roommate unrequited love too serious, smart self balancing scooter battery fires IQ self balancing board news hampered. Zhao Xiaojie Dawn, are you okay, is not a guy thing, but also how handsome, handsome people more to go, I find, guaranteed to give you that kind of find Li Yi Feng. Su Chenxi Ha ha ha, you know what Xiaoyi Yang girlfriend ah, ha ha ha ha Excellent Xuan What are you happy no girlfriend, you have to become his girlfriend again happy ah Su Chenxi Your English words go back. After this, the more I Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi not only stupid, very weird, all the feelings are revealed out, really stupid adorable girl, but he seems to be some like her simple, so simple, people can not help but think close. Su Chenxi always felt at all unreasonable to class eight in the morning, half past eight is enough time should be adjusted to humanity, since read the university, it seems much easier to fall asleep every day. Previous high school, to get up every day is an uphill struggle against self, but at that time less than dawn, evil alarm cl.f the heart, life gave me the biggest inspiration, maintaining good heart, will eventually be the kind of years, do not blame yourself self balancing scooter price too much. We are ordinary people, of course there will be regret or difficult to control things, even if there is the story of Trevor Nunn as mood, we must learn to choose, can not do, on to the time, do not blame yourself, Do not blame others, every decision will have consequences for its proper time, it is the best proof. I do not know how many people have that kind of lonely period of years, perhaps a foreign country, perhaps a loner, no matter how lonely, have come to be expected shortly brilliant. Seasonal cycle, Xie flowers bloom, if not satisfied with the self balancing hoverboard 2017 status quo, on the first to move forward, no one would have been lucky, no one always unhappy, front there will be a beacon to illuminate the hearts of the road. Each of us is the best of the individual, not necessarily the arrival of spring flowers, but you come, will certainly open flower Remember, be h.

Self Balancing Board News nd every teacher discussions, different teachers give her guidance also has a small difference, but in fact, she found the public taste will not deviate too far, cut and modified to use the right control element always arouse our sympathy. The second week Saturday, predictable fashion show, Su Chenxi in bright light to see a visual feast, she had lamented how lucky can see this incomparable art of the essence. After returning self balancing board news home, Su Chenxi felt no need to continue to go to training school, the school s own expertise have been learned, the design aspects of the basic skills are not too many problems, with the storm all day in the classroom but not as such more scenes to bring their own impact, taking into account the sign when it is selected for a month s course, she had insisted on complete next two weeks, as it is to review and practice, and secretly self balancing board news delighted at heart, but fortunately She did not report the course of two months, or have to waste a month of registration self balancing board news fee. Seriously do a th.the heart will always Su Chenxi self balancing board news from time to time for that individual Dangqi little ripples. Su Chenxi could not help but look Xiaoyi Yang greeting every day, and he shared all feel meaningful things, though not talk a lot of content, but as long as his reply, even simple words, will be very satisfied, every day against those not many chats over and over again aftertaste, watching, laughing. She thought a lot of days have not been able to understand why they would like a do not understand the people, after all, only met once, even when the vacation is about to end, Su Chenxi has been unable to clearly remember his face, leaving the mind under just the one night, it becomes a very gentle moonlight night. Su Chenxi always not believe love at first sight this drama inside the plot will chocolate self balancing scooter have to happen to them, probably years later remembered a time when youth gorgeous this stage, there is one such encounter is the best violet self balancing scooter surprise. Before closing off back to school one day, my mother gave Su Chenxi pac.

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