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Ice-cream Truck Fitout

Whenever you hear the juggling Greensleeves chime, I bet you will think of the pink and white Mr Whippy vans because they are the majority of Australians’ childhood memories; however, have you ever thought to open your own ice-cream van which becomes others’ collective memories. Most importantly, only you have the final say of your own business instead of being restricted how you should run it.

You may need the followings if you are planning to run ice-cream van business:
Ice Cream Machine
Ice Cream Maker
● Chest Freezers
● Commercial Freezers
Bench Freezers
● Dairy Displays
● Milkshake Mixers
● Drink Dispensers
Storage Bins

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Make Your Dream Ice-cream Truck Come True!

Supplying nationwide catering equipment for nearly thirty-year, Petra enjoys a highly respected position in hospitality industry and the continuous support from our valuable customers are testament to the quality of service we purvey; therefore, we decide to grow our business footprints and extend our services to food truck manufacturer along with our subsidiary, Food Truck NSW.

If you are planning to own mobile business, we will provide you one-stop services ranging from food van design to catering equipment installations and we promise to give you all kinds of support to make sure you can start up your business smoothly.

Ice-cream Van Design & Ideas

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Ice-cream Van for Sales

Should you have any idea in mind, please do not hesitate to share with us at and we will try our utmost to make your dream ice-cream vans come true within approximately three months.