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Three things you need to know for coffee truck business

The cost of operating coffee truck is cheaper than investing in bricks and mortar and you can also test the waters in order to learn more about the landscape of catering no matter you are first-time/sophisticated entrepreneurs. But, what do we need for a roving cafe? Actually, it’s similar to run a traditional one, the only difference is that great precision is required to fit in all equipment in the small/medium-sized food van. For those who are planning to start coffee truck business, we hope the following three tips give you some idea to make your own plan.

  • How much should I spend?

Buying/renting your own coffee truck is relatively inexpensive because the cost of the mobile cafe wouldn’t be subject to the current housing/rental market. Moreover, you are able to participate on events like concerts or festivals and get the revenue stream which is not available to the traditional restaurants. The costs for a small/medium-sized coffee truck could range anywhere from $17,000 all the way to $190,000. Moreover, our parent company, Petra Equipment is part of the Sliver Chef Group that you would be funded most of the cost to realize your business dreams.

  • What should I install?

Because of the limited space in the truck, you cannot put everything you want there, but basic coffee making equipment are necessary, such as, commercial coffee machine, coffee grinder, coffee percolators, blender, preparation counter and storage etc. Don’t forget to install board power systems as well, you can either choose to use inverter generators or run the truck on propane to save electricity. Please check out more commercial coffee equipment on Petra Equipment website.

  • Should I buy new or used equipment?

Second-hand equipment seem to be cheaper than the new ones though, their prices are actually similar due to high competition from worldwide catering market, so we highly recommend you to buy new commercial machine equipment because you can guarantee all equipment are 100% in great condition and well-maintained. Please visit Food Truck NSW website to give you more idea on coffee van design.

Should you have any idea in mind, please do not hesitate to share with us at and we will try our utmost to make your dream burger vans come true within approximately three months.