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Dim Sum Truck Fitout

Australia is a cultural melting pot that you can satisfy with your taste buds with different dishes all over the globe, if you walk along central business district, you can easily spot a variety of eateries selling Asian food, like Dim Sim, Sushi and Pho etc, but do you know that if you own a roving food truck, you are able to participate on events like concerts or festivals and get the revenue stream that is not available to the brick and mortar restaurants since diners can choose a great mix of dining options on-the-go and they love the vibrant vibe as well. 

You may need the followings if you are planning to run dim sum van business:

● Chinese Woks
● Cookware
● Hot Plates
● Kettles
● Combination Units
Commercial Ovens
Commercial Freezers
Kitchen Tools
Storage Bins

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Make your dream dim sum truck come true!

Supplying nationwide catering equipment for nearly thirty-year, Petra enjoys a highly respected position in hospitality industry and the continuous support from our valuable customers are testament to the quality of service we purvey; therefore, we decide to grow our business footprints and extend our services to food truck manufacturer along with our subsidiary, Food Truck NSW.

If you are interested in running a mobile dim sum shop, we can definitely help you and provide you one-stop services ranging from designing to supplying fit outs for food van. Most importantly, our experienced consultants will give you the most genuine and professional advice on how to run your food truck business profitably.

Dim Sum Van Design & Ideas


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Dim Sum Van for Sales

If you have an idea in mind, you are most welcome to share with us at and we will try our utmost to make your dream machines come true within approximately three months.