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Commercial refrigerator

How to choose the right commercial refrigerator?

How to choose the right commercial refrigerator?

Why do you need one?

Commercial Refrigerator display units are essential to keep drinks and food chilled and fresh at all times. The units not only serve as an ideal cooling unit but are also a display case for the food and drinks. One common feature with these appliances is that they are constructed with an aesthetic appeal. They are ideal when placed in front of the customers to to attract them for purchase and increase impulse sales.

There is a wide range of refrigerator display that are built for commercial use. The units vary in use and more so in their features. In terms of use, there are two broad categories. That is, food display refrigerators and drinks display refrigerators.

Some of the popular foods for which users display are sushi, salads and snacks. Further, there are a wide range of cake display refrigerators. An ideal model of a cake refrigerator is the Polar cake refrigerator countertop curved glass display cabinet.

Drink display

sk_1000_newlook__96555-1465443026-500-659Drink display refrigerators, on the other hand, are more common in bars and quick service restaurants. They are used for display of soft drinks and also alcoholic drinks. For specific use, there are specific units for say wine. A good example is the Bromic WC0400C- LED curved glass door wine chiller and preserver.

The drink display units are specially designed to not only keep the drinks cold but more so not alter their flavors. Some of the features for this purpose are a ventilated circulation that helps facilitate air circulation and keep temperatures constant.

Another differentiating factor in the range of display refrigerators is the number of doors. Here, customers have the choice of single door, double and triple door refrigerators. The number of doors here refers to the number of doors across the width of the unit.

When deciding which of the range in terms of a number of doors to choose, one should have regard of the traffic going in and out of the refrigerator. A single door will be ideal where there are food items and drinks kept.

Triple door display

The triple door on the other hand means that there are different doors for different section or compartments. It is therefore ideal when storing many items because opening one door will not cause distractions to the rest of the items. Triple door display refrigerators include the Polar Triple sliding door Back bar chiller 870mmH- DL819-A

In addition, there are under counter display refrigerators, countertop and upright display refrigerators. The under counter refrigerators are placed under the counter or under any working space.

This type is ideal where you need to save on kitchen space. Counter Refrigerators are the type that is placed on top of stable surfaces such as a counter. Upright units are typically the stand alone units. Such models include the upright drink fridge LG 370GE.

Further, the units vary significantly in terms of capacity. For instance there are units of as low as 80 liters such as the Bromic CT0080g4BC countertop beverage chiller and as high in capacity as 345 liters.

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