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Gas combi oven

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Gas combi oven

gas combi oven

Gas Combi oven

To start with, combi ovens, unlike ordinary ovens uses three modes of cooking that is, convection, steam and a combination of the three modes. The convection mode in this regard uses fans to circulate air throughout the oven. This helps achieve a uniform cooking temperature so that the result of cooking is even. Moreover, a convection oven cuts down on cooking time because heat reaches all the oven parts. This mode of cooking also eliminates and cold spots of cooking that are common in ordinary ovens. The ordinary ovens in this regard leave some parts of food well cooked and others lowly cooked.

Steam mode

Steam mode on the other hand coos foods at extreme temperatures but does not drain the moisture out of the food. a steam oven is particularly a healthy cooking mode because it dies not sacrifice the nutritional value in foods. To this extent, a steam oven helps keep all the nutrients in foods intact. Steam is particularly essential at the initial stages of baking bread as it facilitates in forming a good crust. Briefly, a combi oven gives the benefits of a steam oven and a convection oven all in one place. This not only saves on costs but also saves on kitchen space.

In addition,combi ovens embrace two modes of cooking. The ovens are available as either gas powered or electric powered. Both energy sources have different benefits distinct from the other.

To this extent, gas ovens use natural gas or propane gas in its cooking. One benefit of a gas oven is that it is easy to heat up. Once the gas knob is turned on, the oven gets heated up. More so, a gas oven is suitable where one needs to have moist cooking. Moist cooking is particularly ideal for those foods that would be a bit tough when cooked using dry heat method.

Control over cooking temperatures

In addition, a gas oven has the advantage of affording the complete control of cooking temperatures. This is further facilitated by the fact that with a gas oven, one can be able to see the flame and adjust temperatures accordingly.

Further, power outages that may cut short one’s cooking or interfere with the cooking are eliminated when using a gas oven. in this regard, all one needs to check is to ensure there is enough cooking gas beforehand.

Electric ovens are on the other hand has the benefit of producing dry heat. Dry heat is particularly useful when baking pastries and bread. Ordinary electric ovens are however not ideal especially for bread. This is because bread requires steam to rise. The electric combi ovens are in this regard because in addition to being electric ovens they have in- built the steam technology. the dry heat cooking mode is also ideal for drying meats.

Another benefit of an electric combi oven is that it is relatively easy to install. The installation of an electric combi oven is not complicate by external sources such as say gas pipes. In addition, electric combi ovens are easier to clean due to their smooth surfaces.

With regard to comparing the two combi ovens, electricity combi ovens may be preferred because it can maintain a constant level of temperatures. This is because the electric coils heat up and cool down slowly therefore making it possible to achieve a steady amount of temperatures. This is unlike a gas combi oven that gets heated up instantly and cools down immediately, an electricity combi oven gets heated up slowly and in effect. A gas oven in this regard only maintains the heat temperature when on and rapidly loses such temperatures when turned off. However, a gas oven facilitates energy- saving in the sense that one does not require to preheat the oven before use. When using an electric oven, it is a principle that one must preheat the oven several minutes before cooking begins.

Moreover it may be argued that it is harder to control gas oven temperatures as compared to temperatures in an electric oven. This is particularly so if looked at from the point of view that it is hard to control a flame as in a gas oven as compared to an electric oven.

Safety precautions onĀ commercial kitchen equipment are to be taken in high regard. To this extent, it may be argued that gas ovens are not as safe as electric ovens. The reasons for this are that gas ovens may have gas leakage. In addition, there is a safety risk when the pilot gas goes out.

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