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Little Story
Abouts Us

Food Truck NSW is a subsidiary of Petra Group, we just love our hospitality industry and after few projects for food truck owners, we decided to launch a company that will focus on designing and manufacturing the best food van in Australia.

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Competitive price

Our logistic, direct manufacturing, purchasing power made our Food Truck solution price competitive. Due to the size of our main catering equipment company, we succeed to bring the cost of manufacturing so low that you will get a quality van at a lower price.


(02) 9723 4555

We provide direct customer service with a team of 4 customers assistants. We will assist you in your purchasing decision, concept development and manufacturing. Ask about our food truck for sale. Call us today !


Food Van Manufacturing

Control your concept, ideas and design with us. We manufacture locally the structure and all features to suit your needs. We will additionally advise you on what you could add or remove in your concept. We want to optimize your sales.

Food Truck for sale

We sell all types of food truck such as coffee vans, pizza trucks & Burger vans.


Petra Equipment
Petra Equipment

Petra Equipment is a market leader in the hospitality equipment segment.

Petra Group

Restaurant, bakery, butchery and cafe fit out.

Custom Made Food Truck

Food Truck for sale

Let's start !

First you will need to have your concept ready in your head, make some research and see what you like. Secondly, try to see which equipment you need to produce your food. Does it fit in a van? Finally, make sure you have $20,000 in capital as you can finance for 80% of it with our finance option called “Axsess Today Finance“. Come to our showroom and let get started!

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